Driving statistics for the assessment of pollutant emissions from road transport - Methodologies for estimating air pollutant emissions from transport (MEET) - Report 15


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Résumé / Abstract
Road traffic related data are required for estimating air pollutant emissions from transport. Data requirements can be resumed by : localisation and quantification of the transport activity, and affectation of the corresponding driving conditions, per detailed categories of vehicles. To identify which data was available, a questionnaire has been addressed to international and national organisations. The synthesis of statistics from France, Sweden, Great-Britain, Switzerland, Germany, and from the international institutions allows to highlight various aspects : - significant discrepancies of the statistics can be observed between different international organisations, between institutions from a same country, between different methods of investigations. Finally a very large quantity of traffic related statistics are provided from this works : description of the road network, analysis of the traffic distribution according to geographical areas and vehicles categories, characterisation of the driving conditions and speeds. A high number of speeds statistics are proposed that highlight the impact of numerous factors, but also the necessity to validate the reference speed values used in emissions inventories. Annual mileage, trips characteristics, parking conditions are also described, as well as load factors, gradient, fuel properties and thermal operating conditions. Mots clés libres : traffic;transport;road vehicle;statistics;driving;patterns;speed;operating conditions., RAPPORT DE CONTRAT

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