Vehicles uses and derived driving cycles: a review of researches


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Résumé / Abstract
As a part of the European cost action 319, a survey is currently conducted, concerning the European and non-European researches dealing with statistics on vehicles uses and operating conditions. The aim is to collect the information and statistic data available, to study the methods and equipment used, and also the methods applied to characterize operating conditions and to build up test cycles. A questionnaire in two parts was sent to a number of European and non European experts. The first part addressed experiments dealing with vehicle use. The second part concerned the use of the data collected: driving cycles or model development, and the method used for analysing the data. A total of 23 experiment results have been received yet, relating to passenger cars, duty vehicles, in urban or non urban areas. On-board recording, surveys, video, etc..., were used. Various parameters were monitored such as trip characteristics, speeds, engine parameters, vehicule usage, etc.... The data were used either to derive driving cycles, or to build-up models. A short overview and a typology of these studies are presented in this paper.

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