Effects PF car driver characteristics an accident risk and severity


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Résumé / Abstract
The driver age is a factor of risk and severity at several levels : on the over-implication in certain types of accidents, insofar as young drivers are relatively more involved in losses of control in single crashes, but also on the ristance to shock which is however lower for elderly people. The type of vehicle driven according to characteristics such as weight model year or horsepower, is also an important factor in risk and severity analysis. Our objective here is to highlight the effect of each of these factors and to analyse the influence of the 'vehicle-driver' combination. Two types of indicators will be taken into account: the risk of involvement in accidents for the same distance covered, and the levels of seriousness per accident by distinguishing between internal (protection) and external (aggressiveness) seriousness. The data used come from a sample survey aimed at finding out car characteristics from questionnaires sent out by post each year. The distances covered by cars are taken from the annual kilometres driven, as declared by the drivers. Accident data come from the police and gendarmerie. These data are for 1991. The paper presents a hierarchy between car-driver characteristics, according to their influence on risk and severity.

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