Communication networks in a traffic management system


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Résumé / Abstract
The ?Palomar-Centre/Summer 1986? operation is a traffic management system designed to control traffic in the Rhône-Alpes area (France) during the summer peak periods. Its main objective is to limit the congestion on the A6 and A7 motorways which are the main routes for the holiday traffic. An original feature of this system is the use of mainly driver information as a tool to perform traffic control. The aims of this study are, from a description and an ergonomic analysis of this system, - to improve the set of basic knowledge concerning traffic control problems: data collection and processing, communication networks, - to describe the operating modes involved in that task (man/machine interface), - to point out the main dysfunctioning, particularly related to data transmission, information visualisation devices, accuracy of working directives to the operators and tasks organisation, - to propose some improvements: some of them are easy to implement, others are more difficult, because they require a new organisation of the system; they need to be studied. This analysis of the existing system should allow the development of scripts for a future Dynamic Road Information System devoted to holiday peak periods in France. Keywords: Ergonomics; Organisation; Communication Networks; Traffic Control; Traffic Management System; Traffic Data Processing; Traffic Information Displays; Motorways; Holiday Peak Periods; Driver Information; Conference; France.

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