Évaluation de la dégradation des forêts primaires par télédétection dans un espace de front pionnier consolidé d'Amazonie orientale (Paragominas) espace de front pionnier consolidé d'Amazonie orientale (Paragominas)

Assessment of Primary Forest Degradation by Remote Sensing in an Agricultural Frontier of the Eastern Amazon (Paragominas).


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The forest degradation is a change of the structure and the composition of flora and fauna, which leads to a loss of biodiversity, of production of goods and services and an increased vulnerability to weather hazards and fires. This process concerns large areas in the tropics, particularly in agricultural frontier where primary forest is subject to timber extraction, fire and fragmentation. Remote sensing is used to assess the magnitude and the extent of forest degradation. However, the methodologies available are still insufficient. The scientific challenge is to develop methods adapted to large areas to analyze the effect of different disturbances on the trajectories followed by the forest cover. It is also to identify different intensities of degradation following disturbances events. This is a prerequisite for defining and implementing appropriate management plans. The first axis of this work aims to map annually the extent of the disturbances, to identify the main types of disturbances and to characterize the restoration trajectory of the photosynthetic activity. This work is based on time series of Landsat images processed using CLASlite software. The aggregation of the annual coverages resulting from treatments with CLASlite also made it possible to constitute an indicator of degradation resulting from the accumulation of disturbance processes over several years. The second axis aims to evaluate the evolution of the forest sensitivity to drought as a function of itsdegradation and to build a degradation indicator. The approach uses MODIS images and TRMM precipitation data. This work is implemented in the municipality of Paragominas (state of Pará, Brazil) in the eastern Amazon

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