Development of the mathematical WorldSID lower body model


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Résumé / Abstract
In the perspective of creating international norms for car testing a new dummy is under development, the WoridSID. SID stands for Side Impact Dummy as this dummy is made to be the most biofidelic possible for lateral impacts. One will find here e details of creation of the WoridSID lower body mathematical F-model from the CAD to the impact simulations. The WorldSid's lower body is composed of several parts: a skeletal part representing the pelvic girdle (sacrum, iliac wings, pubis, hip joints and upper femurs), a flesh part representing the pelvis flesh designed in a seating posture. The mathematical model of this pelvis has been done in different stages. First, a mesh was done of all the parts. Then material models were chosen. Once the dummy model is completely assembled and its characteristics defined, a list of tests has been selected to assess its final validation. Two of those tests have been simulated in the frame of this internship, a shoulder impact and a pelvic one. Tuteur entreprise JP Verriest, S Compigne. Tuteur INSA A Combescure. Stage IFE

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