A traffic regulation system for the future automated highway


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Résumé / Abstract
The contribution of this paper for the future automated highway is to carry out a traffic regulation system which allows to solve some problems of traffic congestion. The congestion of the motorway system in the peak hours involves a fall of the productivity for the conveyors, a waste of time for the motorists, an increase in the frequency and gravity of the accidents, thus a risk for the public health with the increasing of pollution due to vehicle gases. Taking in account of some characteristics of the European motorways, and mainly in France, we have noticed that there is a strong concentration of trucks on the right side way of the motorways. In the same way, it is noted that this concentration of trucks is often as convoys of trucks. This makes it possible to prove the interest of the automatic control of trucks convoys on motorway. To solve the problems of congestion, it is not only to create automatic trucks convoys and to let them moving without monitoring on the motorway, but it would be necessary to regulate the traffic of the automatic truck convoys on the motorways.

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