Pilot strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of the ten-t: deliverable n°d1 - construction of a reference scenario


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Résumé / Abstract
The pilot strategic environmental assessment project of the trans-European transport network (ten-t), was undertaken by the co-ordinators of four research consortiums of the European commission?s 4th framework programme: scenarios, streams, commute and meet. The aim of the project was to provide an initial attempt at quantifying the impacts of the ten-t for the commission, in terms of changes in passenger and freight transport, energy consumption and emissions, for a forecast year of 2010. This d1 report was the contribution of INRETS (as leader of the scenarios project) to the pilot sea project. It proposes three policy scenarios to be tested by the streams transport forecasting model: (I) a reference scenario - continuation of liberalisation policy, (II) a common transport policy with harmonisation and internalisation of external costs (III) a ten policy scenario - integrating improvements in interoperability, interconnectivity and intermodality for long distance international traffic.

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