Dieselisation and the new dieselist?s behaviour: recent developments in the French car fleet


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Résumé / Abstract
The share of diesel among the French car fleet has been growing since 1982. This penetration of diesel cars, combined with a significant fuel price advantage, has important consequences on the fleet structure and on its use. This can be observed in the annual results and the longitudinal analysis from the panel database « parc auto », maintained at INRETS. At the request of both the interdepartmental mission for greenhouse effect and of the French agency for environment and energy management INRETS achieved an original study in 1995-96, through a specific household survey studying a sub-sample of our panel, focusing on the analysis of the behaviour and the opinions of the « new dieselists » households. In this paper we present some methodological aspects and several results of this study of changes for diesel (concerning before/after comparison of car use, reasons put forward, and events that coincided with the change). A data analysis of this sample leads to a typology of the 'new dieselists', which is mentioned in the conclusion of this paper. Some recent developments concerning the diesel fleet between 1995 and 1998 are also described in the paper (differential of use between diesel and petrol-driven cars).

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