Car fleet characterization and kinematics used in Algeria a preliminary approach


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The major difficulty for establishing an adequate inventory is due to the lack of data and their reliability. We show that in Algeria, as in other developing countries, the available raw data at the level of the related government services and administrations require corrections in order to provide a good computation of an inventory. Thus, the car fleet data file seems to be fictitious due to the disclosed data. A new approach is suggested for a better estimation of the real car fleet. A national inquiry is conducted for a rigorous calculation of the car annual mileage by fuel type, category and usage of the vehicle. Such basic data are essential for the characterization of the domestic car fleet. The calculation of the pollutant emissions inventory and other studies on road transportation and social and economic aspects. The motorization rate over all the country is 65.4 vehicle/ 1000 inhabitants and 40 personal vehicle/1000 inhabitants, while the motorization rate in Algiers is about 200 vehicles / 1000 inhabitants. The Algerian car fleet is old with a medium age of 14.4 years. The diesel rate is very low. On the other side, there is a low percentage of diesel engines less than 5 % for personal car fleet in opposition of European countries and a massive use of liquid gas petroleum (LPG) in the case of intercity taxis. The pollutant emissions are function of the driving modes and the environment in which the cars are used. Therefore, the determination of used kinematics contributes to a better knowledge of car driving conditions in developing countries in order to establish nationwide inventories of pollutant emissions. A vehicle was equipped for the measurement of the driving conditions in Algeria. It was driven under different conditions as a chase car, submerged and in free traffic in order to reproduce with maximum accuracy the real of users. Results of more than 1000 kilometers driven in two representative Algerian towns are presented. The mean velocitie without stops in an urban environment remains lower than 22 km/h with mean accelerations between -2 and +2 m/s2.

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