Sensitivity and error analysis of the dual criteria traffic assignment model


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Résumé / Abstract
In the dual criteria traffic assignment model, to take into account various trade-offs between travel time and travel cost, the value of time is assumed to be continuously distributed across the trip-makers. This paper presents a sensitivity and error analysis method for the equilibrium solution of a dual criteria model with elastic demand, flow-dependent travel times and side constraints. The method is based on previous work by Tobin and Friesz (Transportation Science 22(4), 242-250, 1988) to bypass the uniqueness requirement in standard sensitivity analysis frameworks for variational inequalities, and exploits the finite-dimensional formulation of the model in terms of path flow variables given by Leurent (Transportation and Traffic Theory, pp. 455-477. Pergamon, Exeter, 1996a). The paper contains three parts. The first demonstrates the usefulness of sensitivity analysis using a two-link network. The second addresses the general network case. Last, the third presents an application to a realistic traffic study.

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