Effect of narrow lanes on the capacity of motorways: A trial in the Paris region


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Résumé / Abstract
The trial described in this paper was realized during the spring 1996 on a 2.5 km section of the A6a motorway in the south of Paris. The initial cross section components were modified by narrowing the different lanes. An experimental design and a data collection campaign were set up in order to allow an assessment of the possible effects. This paper depicts the conditions of the trial. It consists of two parts which deal with assessment of behaviour changes (positioning, motor cycle traffic) and macroscopic analysis in traffic flows. The conclusion summarizes the main findings. There was a reduction in the lateral spacing between vehicles. Heavy lorries in particular moved closer to the edge lines. Most motorcycles continued to ride between the streams of vehicles during peak hours. Capacity was almost maintained and the congestion level was equivalent. The practical results contribute to a better knowledge of the impact of narrow lanes on the functioning of urban motorways.

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