Commercial vehicle emissions in urban areas


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Résumé / Abstract
An experimental method has been set up to assess the pollutant emissions from 6 common commercial vehicles following typical driving patterns. The 6 vehicles, ranging from a 3.5-ton van to a 5-axle semi-trailer and an urban bus, met the EURO 1 limits. Emission rates of CO, C02, HC, NOx and particulates (in g per km) are provided for 4 different travel or average speeds, 20, 40, 60 and 80 km/h, combined with 2 driving behaviours (with the exception of the bus). Measurements give a limited but precise picture of the emissions from this type of vehicle. Comparisons with data from other laboratories show a good consistency in the average speed related trends. As for passenger cars, data for commercial vehicle shows that emissions are highly dependent upon average speed, and this is particularly true in the urban speed range (< 50 km/h). Thus the lower the travel speed is, the higher the emissions are. Repetitions of stops, accelerations and decelerations, as encountered in urban traffic, are high magnifying factors to air pollution. More precise results highlight the importance of traffic regulation and the design of intersection regarding environmental aspects.

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