Urban traffic noise management : French experiments


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Résumé / Abstract
The national law approved by the French Parliament on December 31st, 1992 widely modified the regulations regarding then environmental noise. Three articles of this law (art.12, 13 and 15) are particularly dedicated to traffic noise. In addition, the European directive deals with the necessity of establishing a noise mapping for cities larger than 250 000 inhabitants in a first stage, and cities larger than 100 000 inhabitants in a second stage, in a period which has not to exceed 10 years after the Directive issue. The results of those mapping procedures will be directly communicated through publications and more widely through internet. Following this European Directive, national governments will have to consider these new regulations and to adapt them in their own national regulations. In order to apply those regulations, municipalities will have to consider in a more specific way the large problem of traffic noise mitigation in urban areas. Several strategies can be applied. Among them, we studied the various effects of the vehicle speed reduction, the modification of road pavement, some action on the traffic planning and finally the building of noise barriers., RAPPORT D'ETAPE

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